Mustafa’s Gemüse Kebab

Mustafa’s Gemüse Kebab is the de facto döner destination in Berlin, quite a feat considering the plethora of kebab stands that dot the city’s streets.

Mustafa’s may not be the place where döner was invented — that would be Hasir in nearby Kreuzberg — but it is where you can go to enjoy the best example of the sliced meat, seasoned potatoes, fresh vegetables and secret sauce that make up a Mustafa’s kebab.

Unlike the sauce, it’s no secret how good this place is, as Mustafa’s commands a queue rivaled only by one you’d find outside the only toilet at a beer festival. It’s no surprise then that you’re likely to find yourself waiting a half hour or more before getting your hands on their döner.

The question you’ll inevitably find yourself asking, sandwiched between two sweaty foreigners abusing their PDA rights and a local hawking last minute business deals into his phone, is whether or not it’s worth it. Rest assured, by the time you get up to the stand and ordered your choice of one of three divinely layered kebabs — with a vegetarian (Gemüse Kebab) option to boot! — and taken that first bite, you’ll have lost track of time completely.

Address Mehringdamm 32 Public transport U-Bahn to Mehringdamm

Opening times N/A CostTelephone N/A Website

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