Santa Maria Mexican Diner

For the best Mexican food in the city, Kreuzberg offers a victorious entry. By the time your meal is over, Santa Maria will have you dancing the Macarena and already anticipating your next visit. The interior of the place is lavishly painted with muted colors and richly detailed murals on the walls. Like many Mexican restaurants, Santa Maria offers “Taco Tuesdays,” a day when you can have as many (soft) tacos as you wish for only €1 each! There are assorted happy hour specials as well, €1 Tequila shots and more, but to get Mexican Food you can generally only find out west, look to the burritos. A particular goody is the Puerco Especial, a burrito topped with onions and pico de gallo and layered on the inside with carnitas, guacamole and cheese. An important test for a good Mexican restaurant is the quality of the guacamole. The guacamole here will have you running your finger around the inside of the bowl long after the chips have run out. Made fresh daily with sliced tomatoes, seasoning and perfectly ripe avocados, one taste of this sacred guacamole will fool you into believing that you’ve somehow left Berlin and woken up in Mexico.

Address  Oranienstrasse 170 Public transport U-Bahn to Kottbusser Tor

Opening times  Mon-Thu, Sun 12PM – 1AM Fri-Sat 12PM – 3AM Cost €€

Telephone 030 92 21 00 27 Website  N/A

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