I love Europe, but…

It’s the Old World, the land of Caesars, artists and love. The Beatles, Bach, Beethoven, Bergman, Bond, Calvino, Da Vinci, Dante, Fellini, Joan of Arc, Garibaldi, Goethe, Kafka, Monet, Mozart, Shakespeare, Tolkien, Van Gogh, Von Donnersmarck, Waltz, and many more call Europe home, including myself. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else in the long-term. But despite all its marvels, its baguettes and bidets, there are some things in Europe that once in a somewhat oft recurring blue moon, strike one as antiquated… and not in the good way. Some of these things come across as simply so high brow that your eyes roll (the European treatment of burgers), others crude caricatures of simple essential aspects of civilized life (the toilet). Europe is a woman, elegant and beautiful despite her age (and still great in bed!) but one who occasionally slips into making the derogatory epithet and reminding you of her past sentiments. You’ll always love her even if sometimes you just have to ignore the fact that she has a unibrow and smells like old cheese.

Penny for your thoughts

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