Cafe Dell’Angolo (economic realities of a one night stand)


Located just blocks from Monopoli’s historic center, Cafè Dell’Angolo isn’t all that unique in terms of Italian cafe atmosphere, each of two entrances lead out onto the sun drenched street from what is essentially a very small cafe, the interior large enough only for three tables.

Economic difficulties have hit Italians in the south hard, as evidenced by the high-unemployment. Never has it been truer than here that it isn’t what you know but who you know, as managers and owners of all stripes will increasingly pass up more qualified applicants in favor of hiring a nephew just out of school, or one perhaps who never went. That’s why, wherever you go in Italy, the term “family-owned” applies. This is particularly true of cafes which are almost entirely run and staffed by family members. Which isn’t to say that the young guy serving my cappuccino doesn’t deserve his job because his uncle’s the owner, it doesn’t take a college degree to pour a cappuccino, but there is nevertheless an art to it that can’t be taken for granted.

The pastry case, like the cafe itself, is small and unremarkable in terms of offerings. There isn’t even any cornetti! I suck it up and order a brioche crema (which is more custard than cream) instead. It’s nice, the dough beneath the flaky surface just soft and pliable enough under my teeth that it’ll lead me to fondly think of it later… But as an experience better as a one-off sort of thing. That feeling expresses my regard for the cafe in general, an experience which is overall pleasant enough the first time but delicately so, leading me to avoid the cafe on subsequent visits because I don’t want to shatter what feels just under the surface like a possible illusion. Which isn’t to say that Cafè Dell’Angolo isn’t akin to a girl you’d like to take home for the night. You would. You just wouldn’t want to marry her.

Address Via Cialdini 48 Public transport N/A: It’s small town in Italy – you can walk.

Opening times As this is Italy, my putting up the hours would be pointless. Opening and closing times are completely up to the whim of the owner.

Cost € Telephone 055 444 20721 Website  N/A

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