Damn, Berlin is cool.

The thought strikes me everytime I stroll through the parks of Prenzlaur berg, grab a kebab in Kreuzberg, or check out the sensationally alternative art of Mitte. Berlin is a city with a lot to say, so much that it can’t help but spill out from behind the city limits into surrounding areas such as Potsdam and Brandenburg. Whatever you don’t realize you’re looking for, you’ll find it in Berlin.

That Berlin is a city of cafes shouldn’t then come as a surprise… Berlin is a city of everything, be it shopping, film locations, clubs, and, of course, historic sites, but oh, the cafes! Is there a city in the world loaded with such sensational cafes? You’ve got sweet odes to capitalism (Kauf Dich Glücklich), the natural and hip (Zula Hummus Cafe), the sexy and masochistic (I Due Forni), the best Mexican food to be had in Europe (Santa Maria Mexican Diner), glorified cake worship (Cafe Anna Blume), and just damn good coffee (Bonanza Coffee Heroes).

I hope reviews and the basic rundown of these one-in-a-million joints helps you whether you’re a traveler, a long time Berlin resident, or perhaps just looking to do a bit of “Cafe-Tourism.” While the nine places I’ve listed here are all worth your time, they barely breach the hull of what is the Titanic of Cafe Cities.


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