Cafe Roma


Roma bar

Located in Piazza Vescovado, just a few steps from the beautiful Maria della Madia cathedral in the old own, Caffé Roma is a spiritual experience in its own right. Arguably the most popular cafe in Monopoli, and with good reason, it can’t be said that the terrific coffees and pastries at Caffé Roma are a secret. On most mornings the cafe is buzzing with locals standing 3-deep at the bar, drinking their “caffe”, and the scant five tables contained inside are occupied by families and tourists, extended-lens cameras dangling around their necks.  But forewarning, should you find yourself occupying a table on one of the cafe’s typically busy mornings and it becomes apparent that you’ve finished your cappuccino and chocolate cornetto, you might very well be asked to leave to make room for other patrons. This isn’t the cafe for a lengthy discussion about Italian culture and politics, there are better cafes for that. Rather, this is the cafe for grabbing a quick coffee, pastry and then moving along.

roma cap e cornetto


That said, this is where you’ll find the best cappuccino to be had in all of Puglia. Why is it so good? Perhaps it’s just because the staff seems to really know what they’re doing. Caffé Roma is the oldest cafe in Monopoli, proudly announcing under the sign outside that they’ve been operating since 1851. That’s a long time. Long enough to know how to make a damned good cappuccino with an ample amount of finger-licking foam and a delightfully smooth texture that makes every sip a pleasure. The taste too, is nothing short of divine. A strong, full body without being too overpowering (an issue in many Italian bars) creating a veritable experience. Did I mention the cups? All coffees are served in a specially designed cup featuring various scenes from the region which makes your eyes delight in the experience as well. Roma also has the area’s best variety of pastries, including an eye-popping assortment of cakes and typical Italian sweets so visually appealing that it’s impossible not to come back later just to try that doughy-looking thing with the cherry in the middle (a deliciously typical local pastry called a Zeppole).

Everything here is fresh, including the cornetto which is always delivered to my table hot and with just the perfect amount of chocolate. Exceptional, as is everything else in Roma, the second-best cafe I’ve been to in all of Italy… the first is actually located in Roma.

Address Largo Vescovado, 1 Public transport N/A: It’s small town in Italy – you can walk.

Opening times As this is Italy, my putting up the hours would be pointless. Opening and closing times are completely up to the whim of the owner. Being closed on Tuesday is something you can take to the bank… though preferably not an Italian one.

Cost € Telephone 080 742 119 Website

Roma exterior

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