Bonanza Coffee Heroes

Hidden amongst the vintage clothing shops and unusual eateries dotting Oderberger Strasse, Bonanza Coffee Heroes is easy to miss. Though the small entrance and sprawling, uninviting patio furniture may encourage you to walk on, you should pause and take a second look. There is order to this chaos and while you may groan at sight of the queue that occasionally forms at the mouth of the tiny coffee shop, the people in line know what they are doing. Bonanza Coffee Heroes has some of the best coffee in all of Berlin. Whether you’re after something a bit different like a Flat White (A South Pacific inspired take on a latte) or something more familiar like a simple cappuccino, you are certain to find it here – reasonably priced at around 3 Euros and of formidable quality. Try the macchiato, the best to be found in our out of the city. Please note that the quaint little shop has room inside for little more than the cash register, so you’re likely to find yourself sitting outside, shoulder to shoulder with the locals.

Address Oderberger Strasse 35 Public transport U-Bahn to Eberswalder Strasse

Opening times Weekdays 8:30 – 7 pm Weekends 10am – 7pm

CostTelephone 01 715 63 07 95 Website

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