Gelateria Am Brandenburger Tor

Exiting Potsdam Palaces down the city’s main street you’ll soon find yourself at a gelateria as quaint and charming as the town itself. In terms of mere confectionary delights, Gelateria Am Brandenburger Tor has it all. Whether you’d like to snack on an ice cream cone while strolling through the town or enjoy a lavish sundae seated on Gelateria’s spacious terrace, the choice is yours.

Gelateria’s menu appears to be the work of a gifted artist, as nearly every page offers a decadent foray into an aesthetically pleasing treat. Try a Coppa Exclusiva, a mix of chocolate, vanilla and caramel ice creams adorned with chocolate and vanilla wafers and topped with pralines and whipped cream. This is also an excellent place to try one of the more creative German ice creams, as Spaghetti Eis, Lasagna Eis, Hamburger Eis and even Pizza Eis are offered.

The service is pleasant though beware to not get your ice cream from the counter if you intend to sit on the patio as this will invoke an unpleasant reaction from the server.

For a delicious foray into a delightful town, Gelateria Am Brandenburger Tor is a stop that shouldn’t be missed.

Address  Brandenburger Strasse 70

Public transport U-Bahn to Potsdam HBF Opening times  Daily 10AM –Open End

Cost € Telephone 033 12 97 48 29 Website

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