I Due Forni

The pizzas at anarchist joint I Due Forni (Italian for “the two ovens”) are so deliciously naughty even the Marquis de Sade would blush. The arousing décor features walls pulsating with glittering graffiti and guests’ brightly scrawled raves. The menu, in Italian and German, offers an array of pizzas as diverse and exotic as the Kama Sutra and, for your first time, something a bit unorthodox is recommended.

Modifications are not always frowned upon, so whether you choose to add one of the many titillating toppings (mushrooms, prosciutto, spinach, walnuts, etc.) or merely wish to substitute tuna for pferdefleisch (horse meat), rest assured knowing there are an endless number of options to tickle your fancy.

While you can’t say that the service is so good it hurts, what you do get is sex on a plate served to you by a brightly dressed sadist with a nose ring, which is at least half the fun.

With hot, juicy cheese that bursts in your mouth and thick, creamy tomato sauce, this pizza ought to be served in the back room, cordoned off with heavy curtains bearing an age restriction sign.

In spite of the owners’ refusal to advertise, I Due Forni had a line out the door both nights I was there. This is clearly a place everyone wants to come.

So whether it’s for a lunchtime quickie or a drawn out all night affair, I Due Forni offers sensational bang for your buck.

Make sure to ask for extra napkins.

Address Schönhauser Allee 12 Public transport U-Bahn to Senefelder Platz

Opening times  Daily 12PM – Midnight Cost €€ Telephone 030 44 01 73 33

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