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A Guide to Overthrowing Your Dictators

I recently introduced the topic of “pet peeves” to my class of 10 students in Baku, Azerbaijan. “A pet peeve,” I explained, “is something you find annoying about something or someone, that perhaps another person would not. Does anyone have a pet peeve they would like to share with us?” A particularly bright girl in […]

Four Types of English Schools to Avoid

Navigating the English School scene in Rome is akin to trying to make your way across a minefield. It takes time, effort, and a lot of luck. During the year I spent in Rome, I had more interviews than does your average recent college grad-wielding-a-liberal-arts-degree and as a result got to see more of the […]

When in Rome: An Expat Excuse for Thuggery

I love idioms as much as anyone, and use every opportunity during conversation to slip one in. Sometimes even without opportunity. -How are you? -In seventh heaven! On cloud nine! And that’s no pie in the sky! -Umm, okay. Want to get something to eat, other than pie? -How out of the blue! Oh would […]

Hell’s Children

One thing I remember quite well from my preteen years, other than the ever-present knowledge that God would throw me in hell for masturbating, is that people would constantly come up to my family in restaurants and elsewhere to congratulate my parents on how well-behaved my 4 siblings and I were. What’s the big deal? […]