Caffè e Gelato

Ice Cream. It’s one of the things that unites us as humans. It shows that we are, regardless of race or ethnicity, capable of creating something good, something sweet, something so much like heaven that it is, even for a blissful, worry free moment, impossible to believe that you don’t believe. The ‘eis’ creamists at Caffè e Gelato, located on the upper level of the Arkhaden shopping plaza, definitely believe in a higher power.

For those new to European ice creams, something unique for your first scoop is recommended and Caffè e Gelato has plenty to offer on that end. There’s ‘Biscottino’ which is concocted using biscuits and mascarpone, ‘Fruitissimo,’a blend of 5 different fruits, and ‘Yogurt and Walnut Fig,’ all of which are served alongside such classic flavors as Chocolate, Lemon, and Stracciatella.  Prices vary between €1.20  and €1.50 per scoop, putting it on the higher end for a Berlin ice cream parlor.

After you sample one of their many flavours, all so complexly designed it’s downright Darwinian, you will at least consider making Caffè e Gelato a Sunday morning staple- because only allowing yourself ice cream on weekdays would be a pity.

Address Potsdamer Platz – Arkaden Center. Alte Postdamer Str. 7

Public transport U-Bahn/S-Bahn to Potsdammer Platz

Opening times Mon-Thu 10am – 10:30 pm Fri-Sat 10 am – 12 am

Sun 10:30 am-10:30 pm

CostTelephone  +49/30/25297832 Website

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